With RefNow HR Teams are able to use our online platform either on the desktop or mobile device to request a new reference for a candidate, this involves specifying the candidate name, email, question profile template, and number of references you would like. It’s as simple as that:


Figure 1.1 – The RefNow ‘New Reference Request’ form.

After you have sent the new request, the candidate will receive an email which specifies that you would like to contact their referees for references. Because this process is candidate driven, it has candidate consent built-in as we’re striving to ensure GDPR compliance once the legislation is brought in mid 2018.


Figure 1.2 – The RefNow email sent to the candidate to request referee contact details

The candidate fills in a quick form by clicking the link in the email above to provide there referee details. It takes around 60 seconds to complete and can be done from their desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device.

This triggers a reference request to be sent to the referees specified by the candidate which can be completed at a time convenient to them.


The referee completes a short form to answer some basic questions about the candidate which includes start date, end date, job title, and additional comments. This process takes around 2 minutes to complete depending on the amount of detail provided by the referee.

An email will be sent to the HR manager who created the reference request to notify them a new reference is now available in the portal for their candidate, and after securely logging into the portal they will be able to view and download the reference easily.

Figure 1.3 – The completed RefNow reference is available to view and download from the portal