Please note that subscriptions may only be reduced within 7 days of the last billing date. You can check your next billing date by visiting the Admin->Invoices page, it will be displayed under the heading "Next Invoice Date:".

As a RefNow Organisation Administrator you can edit your subscription in the following scenarios:

  • If less than 7 days have passed since your last invoice date. You can see your last invoice date in the Admin -> Invoices page under Invoice History, and also view your next invoice date under the heading Next Invoice Date:
  • You are able to reduce your subscription to a minimum based on how many credits you have used in the current period. Example: If you have a 30 credit subscription, and use 10 credits which leaves you with a paid credit balance of 20 credits, then you will only be able to reduce your subscription to a minimum of 10 credits. If you would like to reduce your subscription further you will need to wait until your next billing period, and not spend any credits before downgrading in that period.