If you have received an email from RefNow to complete referee details then please read this quick guide below:

Why am I being asked to provide references via RefNow?

RefNow allows companies to collect references faster and easier and will make your application process faster with the organisation requesting your references.

How do I provide my referee details?

By clicking the Complete Referee Information button you will be taken to an online form which will ask for the following information about your referees:

  1. Referee Full Name - The name of the referee
  2. Referee Email Address - The referees email address
  3. Company Name - The name of the company you was working in relation to the referee provided in box 1.
  4. Job Title - Your job title during your employment at the company you provided in box 3.
  5. Start Date - The date when your employment started at the company you provided in box 3.
  6. End Date - The date your employment ended at the company you provided in box 3.

What happens after I provide my referee details?

Once you have completed the referee information form for each referee, the referees will be contacted and asked to provide a reference. This information will then be passed to the company who originally requested your references for this request.

What happens if I don't have the number of referees that I have been asked to provide?

The RefNow system will ask you to provide a number of referees to get a complete picture of your history. After you have provided your first referee you will be prompted if you would like to add another referee or if you don't have any more referees to add. You should click the option appropriate to you.

Who do I contact if I am having problems?

If you are having problems entering your referee information into the RefNow system please contact us via our dedicated ticket support here. Please provide as much details as possible about the problem you are encountering.

If you are having problems that are not related to the RefNow system but related to your reference, please contact the organisation who has requested your reference. You will see this information displayed in the email you received from RefNow.