Hello and welcome to RefNow, 

Here are a few things you should do to setup RefNow so it works best for you:

  1. Setup a billing plan to allow you to add as many credits and team members as needed. (You get 5 free reference requests per month even if you don't add a billing plan)
  2. Create some Teams for each group of users in your organisation that will be using RefNow to collect references. Each person in a team will be able to see the requests created by other people in the same team. You can also setup Team Admin users, and they will be able to add new users to the team.
  3. Invite some more users. Just specify which team they will be in and their user role (User / Team Amin / Super Admin). Your access is that of a Super Admin and should only be given to other people who need to manage billing and viewing all requests in RefNow.
  4. Create Question Profiles to setup your custom questions if you would like to ask different questions to the referees. 
  5. Create a test reference request by entering your email in the New Reference Request box, and using your email address as the Referee email too (That way you will see the whole RefNow process).

Let us know if you have any additional features you would like to see in RefNow by creating a ticket here